Tuesday, July 22, 2014

“Champagne arrived in flûtes on trays..."

“Champagne arrived in flûtes on trays, and we emptied them with gladness in our hearts... for when feasts are laid and classical music is played, where champagne is drunk once the sun has sunk and the season of summer is alive in spicy bloom, and beautiful women fill the room, and are generous with laughter and smiles... these things fill men's hearts with joy and remind one that life’s bounty is not always fleeting but can be captured, and enjoyed. It is in writing about this scene that I relive this night in my soul.” 
~Roman Payne


love that quote!  such a lovely fantasy world...  magical... even, without faeries...  ,-)  and certainly filled with whimsey...  ,-)

just read the words; "...fill men's hearts with joy..."

those silly men, don't even consider the feelings of the "...beautiful women..."...    who are; "...generous with laughter and smiles..."

oh well, it's still a pretty mind picture...  :-))))

...and then, there is the afternoon garden party.  but this one is a tea party.  interesting how the lone male, is so outnumbered...  ,-)   

and a just-plain-old-fashioned-garden-party!!!

"Ok, Ok, I couldn't help myself but make an Old Fashioned Cream Cheese Pound Cake! 
(with homemade butter cream frosting) 
This was my Birthday Party/Graduation/For Old-Time's sake/Because It's oh, so good cake...lol! 



Monday, July 21, 2014

art... kitchen "moaning"... a "CUTIE"... ,-))))

i came across a delightful blog (actually 5 blogs)...  whose purpose is to put art on the net...   for all people...  and as she says on her sidebar; "...there is a little museum in each blog - no travel necessary."  these, are from her 'early american gardens' blog.

these were done by phebe folger coleman (1771-1857)     they are called naive drawings-watercolors of homes in nantucket, ma.    aren't they delightful and precious?  if this blogger had not posted them, would you have come across them.  i surely would not have.  thank you, to this blogger...

and now, for the old saying; "from the sublime, to the ridiculous"...  ,-)  from fine art, to drying dishes.  as i have moaned here before...   our dishwasher finally fully quit...  new one won't come till end of the week...  meanwhile, i am back to the old-fashioned-way.  wash 'em by hand...  dry 'em on a towel...   yes i know.  some prefer to do this, all the time.  i'm so spoiled, that i don't.  

and to ease-my-moaning, i got paper plates even!  i know!  i know!  what a wimp i am!!!  ,-)

and now, to "sneaky-nana"-taken-pics.  ,-)))  of next door grand daughter's boyfriend.  this past weekend,  was her "sweet 16" birthday celebration.  part of it, was she and he and a bunch of friends, after dark swimming in our pool.  they put lots and lots of glow sticks, on the pool bottom, and it was cooooooooooool!

her boyfriend (above) and her teenage brother, were over in the daytime, to tidy up the pool area and sweep pool and etc.  so naturally, i had my "stealth" camera at-the-ready...  and got some pics, from inside the kitchen, and out a kitchen window screen.  ,-))))  heh, heh, heh...

isn't he just the cutest thing?!?!?!  and they are soooo cute together.  

and here is my latest candle acquisition...  "summer slices"...  a very gentle scent...  i'm loving it!  and i'm loving being able to have a scented candle, again!!!  strong scents would probably bother-my-nose.  but i've gotten some light scents, and they are working!!!!   i am soooo happppy, for this!!!!  ~~~~~  for the reason that i used to sneeze, at scented candles, and thought i was allergic to them.  but testing proved i am not.   so now, i try them again!  
".... so throw off the bowlines,
sail away from the safe harbor,
catch the trade winds in 
your sails.  Explore.  Dream."
~Mark Twain

Saturday, July 19, 2014

of food, flowers and.... wow, it snuck up on us! ,-)

a great result, of my lots-of-reading-about-french...  both my husband and son, make this delicious (but simple) recipe, from "joie de vivre"...  (:simple french style for everyday living)....

here, we had 3 meals from it.  one meal, with all the "fixins".  a second meal, with left over chicken and sauce.  a third meal, from chicken salad.  ~~~~~~~~  and of course, this was a "happy" chicken from our 'healthy living store.'  :-))))   where we get local area, naturally raised chickens, beef, etc.  three meals "ain't" bad, from one happy chicken!!!!

another old picture, from another year...   my next door daughter in law's daisies and bee balm...   they used to be magnificent, in our mutual corner of the back yard.  this year, they are blooming, but not with quite as much wild abandon.   ?????

good grief!  opening day (yesterday, friday) snuck up on us!  we thought it wasn't until next wednesday.  but there was "the pink sheet," in the morning paper! 

and the early morning workout pictures...

this is the time (of day), to go to the racetrack!

6 - 7 am. ...  cool morning air...  sun coming up...  mist on the track...  walk along the rail...  watch the early morning work outs...  sit up in the stands...  just soak in the early day beauty...    best time to go!!!  and no betting!!!  ,-)

"I love my past. 
I love my present. 
I'm not ashamed of what I've had 
and I'm not sad 
because I no longer have it."