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“So you're a little weird? Work it!
A little different? OWN it!
Better to be a nerd than one of the herd!”

~Mandy Hale

Friday, November 21, 2014

More about the sold-house...

Something more is finally being done, on the house behind us, which was sold.  This is how the front looks now.

All the front pillars are now down.   Obviously, they were not weight bearing...   Just decorative.

They are removing much of the brush and messy trees, from beside the house...  And from the back yard.

You can see a truck in the back yard, if you look to the left of this picture.  And the Old Oak Tree was in the path of that truck.  Obviously she wanted the tree down, so work trucks could access the back of her property.

And so that this big "digger-of-some-sort" could access the back of the house and the back yard.  Where happily, it is getting rid of those scrub trees/bushes, which the former owner's boyfriend planted there, and let go wild there.  And which we referred to as "The Jungle."

My husband went out and talked to the workmen.  He told him, about the house-to-come.  The present garage will come down.  The split-level will become some sort of a split-level-2-story house.  (???)  He showed my husband, a drawing of what it will look like, when finished.

And this is the other house, which is coming down or whatever...  2 blocks over...

Another thing the workman told my husband was, the new owner (not of this house) of the house behind us, will probably not live there.   She likes where she is living, in the older house which she did over previously.  (And which I showed a pic of, here, before)  So she may fix this house, and sell it.

Who knows.... 

Thursday, November 20, 2014

That's interesting... What's interesting?

That's interesting...  What's interesting?  That I was away from home, for a couple of days.  And I seem to have lost my blogging mojo. 

And there's really not a lot more to say...  Guess I am Blogging And Commenting Without Obligation.  :-)

Then again,  when I lose my posting-posting-posting-urge...  And I say so....   It usually comes back in not too long.   ,-)      We shall see....
"When you are through changing, 
you are through."
~Bruce Barton

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Snow... Rain... Wet... Cold... And warmth...

Well, our first snow fall came...  The snow, has been rained on, all day.  And it's still here.  So it's snow, rain, and cold.  Brrrrrrrr.....

Whoo-whooooo!  Monday, that piece of equipment "appeared" in the driveway, of the "sold-house".  Perhaps some more action is going to take place, this week.

After those dull pics above,  I want to show a warm photo.  Of the old real wood burning fireplace, in the local Old Restaurant.  This one is in the bar area.

This is the whole fireplace wall, in the bar area.  With a very "interesting" swan and maiden painting, hanging on the wall....  ,-)

There are two more very, very old fireplaces, in another eating room.  Which used to be wood burning.  But a while ago, these two were converted to gas.  They still look lovely and give off heat.  But I know, they are gas now. 
"I feel wet snow
on my cold, dry skin
As the darkness falls
to settle in."
~Ellen Pond