Friday, October 24, 2014

Now... And how...

Our New Normal
reads like a Medieval Horror Story.

 Madmen with guns and hatchets

 Doctors, exposed to Ebola, 
wandering the streets of NYC,
until symptoms become full blown. 

And here we are.  How do we deal with the impossible?  One possibility is to keep-the-home-fires-burning, in our blogs.  Today, I choose this.

 "With the Wind" by Edward Robert Hughes

Isn't this beautiful????  I so wanted to use it, as a Header picture, but the dimensions weren't wide enough.  -sigh-

 Finding one lovely painting, often sends me off on a trail of other art sites...  And I find more and more beautiful art.

 This painting is telling some sort of a story.  The mother is asleep in her chair.  Her spectacles have fallen out of her hand, and onto the rug at her feet.  

The post man is giving the mail, in through the open window, to one of the daughters.  Both daughters have their eyes on the sleeping mother.  And they look as if they hope she will remain sleeping.

Why?????   What is expected, in among those letters?  Could it be bad news?  From which they want to shield their mother?

Or...  Could it be a letter from a lover, to one of the daughters.  Which they also want to keep from their mother's eyes?  

Which???????   :-)

 This is an interesting take on a human, playing music for the little people to dance by.  Usually, it is a woman who is playing the music.  At least, it seems so to me.  But then, I've not seen all faerie art.  ,-)

Another dumpster being hauled away, on Thursday.  The 4th load.   ----    They are gutting the house.

We were told that she wants a 2 story house.  And looking on the net, I found that it is possible to convert a split-level (which this is) into a 2 story house.
"Fantasy is silver and scarlet, indigo and azure, 
obsidian veined with gold and lapis lazuli. 
Reality is plywood and plastic, 
done up in mud brown and olive drab." 
― George R.R. Martin


Thursday, October 23, 2014

Bits of this and that...

Can you see our night visitor?  A little possum.  Out on patio.  Pics are not good, as taken through patio door.  And I don't want to scare him.  :-)

Can you see his face, when I "frame" him?

See his tail??? 

(Found on "Between naps on the porch" blog)

My Dear Readers know that I love whimsy, magical, flights of imagination, etc.   I have my "Here there be whimsy" blog.  But it pales in comparison, to a blog, which I consider a marvelous example, of what I love.
And that blog is "Hollow Woods"....  Oh so delightful.  If only there were more, like hers.  She calls it "The forest where I dream" and that is a perfect description.  

And here is a link to a post, she calls "Magic".  
She has a lovely imagination, and I am so happy, that she shares it, in Pretty Blog Land.

Sold House --  Another dumpster load, Wed. am

And there it goes...  About noon time...  The 3rd load...  Yes, they must be gutting the house.

And here comes another empty dumpster!  This is #4.

"The universe is full of magical things,
patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper."
~Eden Phillpotts


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

"The Aunts..."

"There is no devil in the craft."
quote from Practical Magic

Source...of these pics
 "The Aunts" from the "Practical Magic" film.  Love them!  :-)  "Aunt Frances Owens" on the left.  And "Aunt Jet Owens" on the right.  I especially love "Aunt Jet (Bridget)" on the right.  Although I probably have a personality more like "Aunt Frances."  -giggggles-

Ohhhh, the house!!!!  So many of us, simply love this house.

This is a Candy Corn Martini.  ,-) 

Not a "Midnight Margarita" of the film.
But...  ,-)

I once read that the actresses were really drinking, while filming that hilarious scene.  ,-)))  Sure looks that way.

"There is no devil in the craft."
quote from Practical Magic