Wednesday, July 30, 2014

kitty... and lots, and lots, and lots of flowers...

i asked the next-door kitty, to pose...  and she did.  :-)

the first tiny tomatoes, which grew next door.  youngest grandson brought them over...

continuing with the "next-door-theme"...  my next door daughter-in-law's daisies, peeking through our fence...

and now, lots of my husband's flowers...

sad little garden, by the pool gate...  we've had a hard time getting flowers to be "happy" here, this year....
but the begonias on the front step, are especially "happy" this year!!!!!  ~~~~~  ya' win some, ya' lose some...  :-)

 "A poet is someone
Who can pour Light into a spoon,
Then raise it
to nourish
Your beautiful parched, holy mouth."

- Hafiz


Monday, July 28, 2014

on a summer sunday...

guess it's time to show some photos of my own.  even if i'm not as happy with our flower "crop" this year.    this is in my husband's front flower garden.  some of his "old roses" took a beating, last winter.  -sigh-  so they are not blossoming profusely, as is usual.

and wild "queen anne's lace" has gone wild in there!  choking out other things.  he has to keep pulling it up, and pulling it up. 

on sunday, we went to the farm stand, which is much closer than the one we went to, the other day.   ~~~~    btw, it looks rather bare, in this pic.  but the lady was putting more corn in, right after i took this photo.  :-)  it is a very, very popular stand and she has to do that often. 

if you have read my blog(s) for awhile, you'll recognize that sign, for this little stand.   which i usually take a pic of, each summer...  ~~~~   we visit here often, because they have the most delicious and sweet local corn!!!!!  i really can't do-it-justice, just saying that it is sooooooo goooood.  you have to taste, to believe it.  :-)  ~~~~   picked each morning, and trucked over a few miles, from the farm...  :-)))))

when we got back from the farm stand, groups of young people were walking down our street, to the main street in town.  many, many such groups!!!  (i just took a pic of one of them, after they had gone by)  each group, with counselors.  the college (just "to-the-left") has summer music courses.   for lots and lots and lots of young people.  with all of them, in same color t-shirt...  when they go downtown, it's easier for the counselors to keep track of them, i guess.  ,-)

went out the patio door, to take some pics, after an afternoon rain storm.  the sun was out again, and it was steammmmmmmy!  my camera had been in the den, with the a/c on.

when i started to take a pic, i realized that the lens was fogged up!

so i took a couple more pics, just taking advantage of the natural misting/fogging effect!!!!   :-))))   ~~~~      you can get that effect, by exhaling on the lens, just before you take a pic.  but it can take a lot of tries, to get the look, you want.   ~~~~     but this was free!  from nature!!!  :-)

“Earth here is so kind, just tickle her with a hoe 
and she laughs with a harvest.”  
~Douglass Jerrold


Sunday, July 27, 2014

oooooooooooooops..... ,-)

-grin-  thought i'd shake things up a little bit!!!  with memories (of snow!!!), for those of us, in the northern hemisphere, that is.  those in the southern, are having this, now!

but this above, is "more like it," in the northern hemisphere.  :-)  and again, the painter is capturing light!!!  it would seem, that the umbrella is made of silk, or something like it.  it allows the bright afternoon sun, to "illuminate" it.  an umbrella of a heavier material, would not do this.

i love, love, love paintings like this above!  so full of happenings and things/people to seek out.  :-)  at the top, the boy is playing "king of the castle"!  wonder if his mother knows he is up there?!?

on the top floor balcony, 2 people are enjoying tea...  from their samovar...

on the first floor, through 3 open windows, we can see a woman, on the left.  on the right is a young woman, chatting with a young man, who is leaning against the fence. 

on the far right, we see a mother and baby, watching her other child play, with a dog and a ball, perhaps.

on the far left, are 3 men...  2 of whom, are playing chess.  then perhaps a maid, reading a newspaper...  but i can't figure out what that white box-like object is, almost "above" her head...   do you know what it may be?????????????

and this is another painting, with women/children in voluminous clothing...  but the men are in shirt-sleeves...

a painting from a little later time, perhaps...  everything is ideal and genteel...  but their clothing is not anywhere so voluminous!  ~~~~   no men or children in the scene, to be taken care of...  just a mother and daughter (and doggie), enjoying the summer afternoon...  having a bit to eat drink and fashioning lanterns.  to be hung and enjoyed, come evening...

“All in all, it was a never-to-be-forgotten summer — one of those summers which come seldom into any life, but leave a rich heritage of beautiful memories in their going — one of those summers which, in a fortunate combination of delightful weather, delightful friends and delightful doing, come as near to perfection as anything can come in this world.”
L.M. Montgomery, Anne's House of Dreams