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Thursday, March 6, 2014

How to deal, with "Bad Moods"...?????????

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"Bad moods"...  Everyone gets in one, now and then.  They can be triggered by so, so many reasons.  And they certainly don't do anything, to improve our quality of life. 
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 Sometimes our Bad Moods even get so gooooood, that they "know" how to push our triggers...  To insure that they last and last, and hang around.  So, to do anything about them, we first have to recognize them...
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When you realize you're in the throes of a bad mood, we usually don't want to stay that way.  But....  How to get out????  David at Raptitude did a post on this...  And you can read it here ...   Since he is a writer, he says it all, much better than I can.
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Because who wants to stay in this kind of a mood???
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Because who wouldn't prefer "dancing," to all the pouting shown, in upper illustrations?  :-)))))))))))))))))
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"Oh!" said Pooh, "and will there be those
little cake things with pink sugar icing?"
~A.A. Milne
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  1. I adore your Pooh quote! I love Pooh.
    Smiles, Dottie

  2. Aww, all the girls look grumpy...I can imagine I would too if I had to stand still for ever to pose for a picture in those days. Not many will smile during that! I don't like bad moods...I've been in my fair share though sometimes it seems I am getting someone else's mood piled on top of mine too.

  3. I haven't been in a bad mood for a long while!

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

  4. Mercy! Bad moods can become a habit. My eldest son did that and I finally got through to him exactly what he was doing and if he kept hugging his ugliness to him..he would find himself a lone one day. This is the honest truth. He and his wife have been here every Sunday..for dinner, of which they bring the lion's share. He laughs..he jokes and best of all he listened to me. Thank heavens! It had gotten too much for our entire huge family.

  5. A mood is a choice you can choose to be miserable , angry , sad grumpy or happy ! My mum always told me life is what ya make it ! Love your vintage back ground ! Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

  6. I think it's an experiment in terror to let a bad mood overtake the day. It's a trigger for everyone else to go ballistic! Good post and cute pics.

  7. oh it always better to be in a pleasant mood...both for yourself and every one around you.